Around the new studio...

Finally settled into my new studio nook (find the kitty!)
it's been over a month since we moved to a new apartment in a new neighborhood in Brooklyn,
and i feel like i've finally settling into my new work environment with some comfort.
the new studio is a small nook in the living room - quite a change from the big room i used to have before,
but i feel like this fits me & my radius of activity better - kind of like my old studio in the apartment before the last.

some things that's been going on around the studio :

Rediscovered some old splattered paper from '08 & put faces on them.
speaking of the old old studio, i found these papers i've splattered ink & gesso on in '08 or so,
and put some faces on it - maybe i'll fully paint it later on at some point.

and some paintings :
Underpainting-ing. 
Slooooooow progress, grey day.
2 pieces, 3 faces... in progress...
Hand study (in progress)
(a study piece on hands.)

Sculpture box. Soon to add some real power tools! 
my sculpture crate above - now that i have a rooftop access, i can work messily up there!
which means that i can start slowly acquiring some power tools. yay!

and look what matthew made :
Bike stool (salvaged from a wrecked bike)
there was an unfortunate bike accident (a hit & run by a car) but luckily he came out unscathed,
but the bike didn't - so with the crushed bike, he made this little stool.
yay for making!