studio miscellany

studio today
throwing paint around. figuring some things out.
experimenting. drawing a lot.

some things...

► working on a couple group shows that's coming up fast...
Love Conquers All (anti prop 8 show) at Thinkspace Gallery next month,
and Sweet Streets 2 at Gallery Nucleus in September.

► finishing my blue sketchbook, which i only had for a little over a month.
i must've been starved for sketchbooks - will dump soon.

► always a conundrum to figure out how to transfer the raw energy
into a larger surface and turn them into a finished piece...
the reconciliation never happens well for me.

► 10% of the sales from the shop will be donated to charity.
( Gulf Restoration Network & Save the Children for now ).

► pondering a studio cleaning painting/drawing sale of some originals i have...