12xTwelve on Saatchi Online

12xTwelve on Saatchi Online!

i still have a lot to get around to posting all the pieces from my last show (yikes, sorry!)
but i have some new things brewing up this week already!

this year, i was invited to be a part of 12xTwelve, a specially-curated original art show for the holidays by Rebecca Wilson, Director of Saatchi Gallery, London, on SaatchiOnline.com.

i have an original painting in it (though it's not brand new), as well as a limited edition of 12 prints of it.

please check out the site to browse through a whole lot of (65 total) affordable art!



here's a piece of my contribution that might seem familiar (from 2010) :

Equinox. 12"x12". Mixed Media on Panel. © 2010.

Equinox. 12"x12". Mixed Media on Panel. © 2010.

you can see the process animation from the original blog entry here!

Borrowed Memories : 2-person show this Saturday

Borrowed Memories - 2 person show with Tran Nguyen at Thinkspace Gallery!

i'll be leaving for california in a couple days for my upcoming 2-person show alongside Tran Nguyen
at Thinkspace Gallery, opening this Saturday!

Opening Reception 6-9pm, Saturday, September 29th
6009 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232 [gmap]
310. 558. 3375

please contact the gallery for a preview list and for general inquiries about the show.


i'll post the pieces in the show here after i return - for previews before the show, please contact the gallery
or check the show page on the gallery website later this week.

some sneak peeks of the pieces i'm putting in the show here & here!
+edit : Boing Boing did an exclusive preview here! (thank you, david!!)

see you in california! :D
also more sneaky pesky : Lots and lots o' bursting. Wrapped / rapt. Sanding rounded edges is more satisfying with plywood! Faces. In progress (sanding)


..:: massive photo dump warning ::..

{ summer play }
fort tilden. bike ride.

there hasn't been much going on here fun-wise. in the past couple years i haven't been much
of an NYC summer fan, and i'm glad it's subsiding and we're going into fall...
most of the summer has been spent on working... experimenting...
and instagramming in lieu of blogging, apparently.
and lazy blogging by clustering all the accumulated instagram photos. yikes!! >_<

4th of july on the 17th floor, upper west side.

hanging on our roof.

creepy cat.

silly cat.

some backyard dining on cooler evenings.

{ around the studio }

{ rambles / thoughts}

lots of different kinds of works this summer - most of june, i took a break from my regular
kind of works and did some fun projects for myself.
the wire sculptures seen above are my Ruth Asawa studies.
because i'm very slow, it only took me ages to figure out her techniques (kind of). and i already
knew how to knit and crochet. :/
this reset my eyes and my mind to start some new works - i feel like i finally started to reconcile
some deeper rooted ideas and interests of my own within my work so far... maybe. it's something
i've struggled with in the past couple years.

something about the mathematical nature of the wire looping got me going on geometric shapes
(which i've always loved and appreciated but didn't quite take enough bold steps to incorporate
into my own works) got me started on some other geometric forms and shapes - 3d and 2d both.
having been obsessed with the wire looping for weeks, it was hard to start painting again in 2d.
which is why i started with some wood-cut shapes to draw and paint on.
a compromise, in a way.

thinking and working through all this, i feel that i have a new vision for new possibilities - still
incubating and marinating in my head, but there are some new ideas and projects afloat in my
head. can't wait for the fall/winter/spring!!

+ all works seen above are mostly for my shows in the fall - 2-person show, Borrowed Memories,
at Thinkspace Gallery with the amazing Tran Nguyen.
then a group show curated by Mari Inukai at GR2 for her daughter's 20th birthday.

Motion : The Art of Movement, group show

MOTION : The Art of Movement banner flyer

this saturday, June 9th, Motion : The Art of Movement group show will hold an opening night

there are more than 20 artists contributing to the show with the theme of movement,
and i'm very excited and honored to be a part of it!

Motion : The Art of Movement
8522 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA
310. 287. 2340

please contact the gallery for a preview list and for general inquiries about the show.

here are some previews by My Modern Met, Arrested Motion, and Juxtapoz.

below is my painting of contribution to the show :

A Mirage, A Dream... 12"x16". Acrylic, Colored Pencils & Crayon on Birch. © 2012.
A Mirage, A Dream... 12"x16". Acrylic, Colored Pencils & Crayon on Birch. © 2012.

A Mirage, A Dream... Detail.
A Mirage, A Dream... Detail 1.

A Mirage, A Dream... Detail.
A Mirage, A Dream... Detail 2.

in-progress photos :

Underpainting-ing. 
2 pieces, 3 faces... in progress...
Two pieces in progress.
Hmmm... This is taking a while. 
Almost there...

Wild At Heart : Group Show for Wildlife Protection

Updated showcard for 'Wild At Heart: Keep Wildlife In The Wild' - opening Sat, May 26th at Thinkspace featuring 120 artists uniting to help bring attention to our world's endangered species.

I'm excited to be a part of Wild At Heart group show at Thinkspace Gallery, which opens this weekend, a benefit art show to support Born Free and to help rescue & protect wildlife.

Opening Reception : Saturday, May 26th, 5-8PM
(on view till June 9th)
6009 Washington Blvd,
Culver City, CA 90232
310 . 558 . 3375

for more information and inquiry, please contact the gallery.
+ preview of all the pieces in the show can be now viewed here online!

+ Arrested Motion has a sneak preview of the pieces in the show here.
and Daily Du Jour has a preview & more info as well here.

+ About Born Free USA:
Born Free USA is a national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible. Our mission is to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife — including highly endangered species — in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. Every year, millions of animals suffer in fur farms and circus cages. In our campaigns against such cruelties, we use powerful tools including legislation, public education, litigation, and grassroots networking. We also work actively with media to spread the word about challenges facing animals. Our primary campaign areas currently include animals used in entertainment, captive exotic animals, trapping & fur, and the international wildlife trade.

*You can also donate by bringing blankets, toys, pet treats, etc. to the opening!

below is my piece for the show (american bison/buffalo) :

A Sacred Journey. 16"x20". Mixed Media (Acrylic, Colored Pencils & Crayon) on Wood. © 2012.
A Sacred Journey. 16" x 20". Mixed Media (Acrylic, Colored Pencil & Crayons) on Wood. © 2012.

A Sacred Journey. Detail.
Detail view.

some progress photos :
Ghostly layer... In progress.
Another slow progress.
Drip drip. My bison piece is finally finished for Wild At Heart benefit show next week at @thinkspace_art!

i have to add that the beginning of this piece was so hard, i had to restart a number of times (possibly 8) - but once i got the layout, i am glad that i can say i really loved working on it.
it was super tedious and slow in progress, but still really turned out to be enjoyable.

hope you can make it to the show - it looks amazing from what little i could peek online!

+ ETA : daily du jour posted some pictures from the exhibit which you can enjoy here!

New Prints - coming soon!

Signing new prints (will be in the shop in a few days!)
i have 4 new prints lined up to be added to the shop soon : 2 brand-new prints from 2011 pieces,
and 2 re-prints of old limited editions from 2007.
the reprints are 2 of most requested old prints that have long been sold out at first release,
and i'm re-releasing them in smaller version in open edition, at lower price.

they're all open edition so everyone who places an order will be guaranteed to get a print,
which is why i don't have any specific time or date for the release of these prints.

so please check the shop some time this week for the new prints!

Synergy group show

"Synergy" group show flyer
i'm so excited to be a part of Synergy, a group show curated by LA's Thinkspace Gallery,
that opens tomorrow night at Spoke Art in San Francisco!

Synergy : Thinkspace curated group show
Opening reception : May 3rd, 2012, 6-10pm
816 Sutter Street, SF, CA. (map)

please contact each gallery if you'd like more info on all the pieces.


here's my piece for the show :
Mist. 9"x12". Acrylic and Colored Pencils on Birch Panel. © 2012.
Mist. 9"x12". Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Birch. © 2012.

Mist. Detail. © 2012.
Mist. detail view.


this was a piece started a long while ago (as seen in progress here), and just wrapped up
recently. it's kind of nice if i can get an idea and work really fast and be done, but lately
i've been more inclined to start a piece with a sudden strike of an idea/inspiration, then sit
on it for a while, work on it little by little, and have the piece creep up on me.
i kind of like it - starting something without really having any intentions.
although it does need more planning in different ways, i kind of like having pieces in different
points of progress at all times now.

hope you make it to the show if you're in the bay area - i've seen pieces from other artists in progress, and i sure wish i could be there!

Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me 20th Anniersary Group Art Exhibit : Flyer

20th Anniversary Group Art Exhibition
Opening Reception : Saturday, April 21st, 8pm-11:30pm
Copro Gallery at Bergamot Station
2525 Michigan Avenue #T5
Santa Monica CA 90404 (map)

below is my piece for the amazing group show celebrating 20th Annivesary of "Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me", which opens this Saturday at Copro Gallery, at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

last year, i was lucky enough to be in the 20th Anniversary group show of Twin Peaks (the TV series) - i'm so honored to be invited back by the awesome Rob Wilson, who curated both amazing shows.

Broken Flower. 14"x18". Oil on Wood. © 2012.
Broken Flower. 14"x18". Oil on Wood. © 2012.

+ you can see all the artworks and info for inquiry here on the gallery site,
which includes some amazing people who were directly involved with the film and the tv
show (like mr. Lynch himself!).


here are some progress photos (originally started half a year ago or so) :
Sooooo slooooow today.
Restarting, reworking... in progress.
In progress... (about 200 days & 75 layers in, I think)
Slooooooow progress, grey day.
Big blue rose.... Neck deep in progress.
Drip drip (part of my finished piece for the Twin Peaks show)

this was my first oil painting in about 2 years - i was so rusty with oils that it took a loooong time.
i started with acrylic & colored pencil, and decided that it was looking a bit dull and
wanted the richness and sheen of oil that i couldn't get out of other media - then regretted
for about 4 days until i got used to the process again.
then it was so hard to scan and photograph the piece due to the rich sheen of oils, and i'm not
even sure the colors look right in the image on top.

the movie really zeroes in on the tragic hidden secrets and rotting cores of a victimized girl (Laura Palmer,
of course), and the frailty of human mind (and its strength, at times) felt kind of like a fragile, falling flower.
last time i'd watched the film, i'd seen it right after the whole tv series.
this time, i watched it by itself - and i thought it really does stand alone, although it probably
helps to know the previous story to all this. it seemed much better and richer this time around,
and felt very David Lynch to me (whose film are not only one of my favorite directors but one of
my favorite influences/inspirations).

i wish i could be there to see all the artwork in person!
please go check it out if you're around LA/Santa Monica area. i wouldn't miss it if i were.

Around the new studio...

Finally settled into my new studio nook (find the kitty!)
it's been over a month since we moved to a new apartment in a new neighborhood in Brooklyn,
and i feel like i've finally settling into my new work environment with some comfort.
the new studio is a small nook in the living room - quite a change from the big room i used to have before,
but i feel like this fits me & my radius of activity better - kind of like my old studio in the apartment before the last.

some things that's been going on around the studio :

Rediscovered some old splattered paper from '08 & put faces on them.
speaking of the old old studio, i found these papers i've splattered ink & gesso on in '08 or so,
and put some faces on it - maybe i'll fully paint it later on at some point.

and some paintings :
Underpainting-ing. 
Slooooooow progress, grey day.
2 pieces, 3 faces... in progress...
Hand study (in progress)
(a study piece on hands.)

Sculpture box. Soon to add some real power tools! 
my sculpture crate above - now that i have a rooftop access, i can work messily up there!
which means that i can start slowly acquiring some power tools. yay!

and look what matthew made :
Bike stool (salvaged from a wrecked bike)
there was an unfortunate bike accident (a hit & run by a car) but luckily he came out unscathed,
but the bike didn't - so with the crushed bike, he made this little stool.
yay for making!

International Women Group Show in UK

International Woman group show in Warrington, London UK
curators Frankie Shea & Tina Ziegler have put together a very exciting show with a line up
of 15 international women artists from 10 countries - opening this weekend!


March 31st - July 7th, 2012

Opening Reception : March 29th, 2012 @ 6pm
Cultural Quarter-Museum Street
Warrington WA1 1JB

For previews & inquiries please contact the curators, Tina & Frankie!


below is my piece for the show, a piece i've reworked from last year :

I'm Yours, You're Mine (ii). 11" x 15". Mixed Media on Rives BFK. © 2012
I'm Yours, You're Mine (ii). 11" x 15". Mixed Media on Rives BFK. © 2012

detail view :
I'm Yours, You're Mine (ii). Detail View. 11" x 15". Mixed Media on Rives BFK. © 2012

Femme Fatale

L'ingénue. 9" x 12". Mixed Media (Acrylic, Colored Pencil & Crayon) on Maple Panel. © 2012.
L'ingénue. 9"x12". Acrylic, Colored Pencil & Crayon on Maple Panel. © 2012.

above is the last piece to be finished in my current studio space/apartment, as we're due to move
(within brooklyn, to another neighborhood) in a few days.

i've been cordially invited to participate in a group show entitled (and very tellingly so) "Femme Fatale",
curated by Stephanie Chefas and Nicole Bruckman.
the show opens this Saturday, February 25th, 2012, at Cella Gallery, North Hollywood.

you can request a preview of the show through the gallery, or sneak some amazing peeks through
various art blogs : here, here and here.

also, Stephanie Chefas (who co-curated the show) kindly did a short interview with me
on her site, Platinum Cheese, which you can read here.

also some progress photos (instagrammed) :

More color bombs
above is the first progress shot, dated june 2011 (!!).
it obviously didn't take the entire 7-8 months long to paint this, but there were a lot
of times of resting this piece down and not thinking about it, then picking it up.

Slow progress
Roughin it.
Splattery. Bloomy... In progress.

the more paintings i make, the more i feel that each of them have a personality of
their own - this one felt like a young, prepubescent tween to me, not sure of its
identity or personality, and kind of springing about unexpectedly.
but in the end it did calm down and sat with me until i "tamed" it to the finish...
though it took some effort.

random progresses

random pieces around the studio in various stages of progress... via instagram**.
i have got around 6-7 pieces going on. hmmmph -_-

watching lectures on yale open university (ancient greek history is awesome) :
Addicted to these lectures while painting (open yale courses on Greek history) 
And another midway. #scatterbrain

and some reworked & restarted pieces :
Retroactive progression.
Glazy glaze.
Restarting, reworking... in progress.
Roughin it.

some new :
Another started. #scatterbrain

and some drippy oil & turp paint-throwing on larger canvas (30"x40"?) :
Drippy mess. (on the large canvas)
also reworked, restarted.

such is my life!

**my instagram user is stellaimhultberg - you can also see the feed online if you're not a iPhone user.

Affordable Art Fair Los Angeles

Affordable Art Fair just opened in Los Angeles & will run till Jan 22nd.
i've got 2 pieces with Thinkspace Gallery and their great roster of
artists at Booth B-9 at the Event Deck at LA Live. :)

although "affordable" is very relative, most of the pieces are under $5000,
and i imagine it will be fun just to see all the art there.

more info & the program here!


now below are my two pieces :

Wanderer. 8"x7". Watercolor, Acrylic, & Colored Pencil on Birch. © 2012.
Wanderer. 8"x7". Watercolor, Acrylic, & Colored Pencil on Birch. © 2012.

Untitled 3. Graphite & Colored Pencil on Brown Paper. © 2011.
Untitled 3. 9"x12". Graphite & Colored Pencil on Brown Paper. © 2011.

please contact thinkspace gallery for more info & inquiries.

happy new year!

+ also please sign to petition against SOPA & PIPA if you'd like to see these blogs
and photos from artists and everyone else on the internet!


Brush pen hair.
In the mood for drawing tonight... On scrap cardboard...
how i've been relaxing lately, now that i've wrapped up my year officially.
first, doodling & drawing...

Making plastic tiles to use around the gross edges of my nonworking fireplace.
And the said tiles finally installed around the fireplace.
then making some plastic tiles to put around the edge of my fireplace* opening.
(ahhh much better.)

* i've been asked if the plastic won't fume or burn, i must note that it's a
NON-WORKING fireplace - it WILL fume & burn if it worked.

Moonlight 3rd mvt. You're killing me.
also, occasionally (and masochistically) trying to get my own butt kicked on the piano.
listen to it the most ideal way possible here.
(which i do and feel worse sometimes)

fresh air

Rearranged the studio.
i finally got around to cleaning out and rearranging the studio.
i tend to move around my studio configuration at least once a year,
but this time i really overhauled it - reorganizing all my art archives, supplies,
and recently restocked shipping supplies for the shop, as well as moving the furniture around.

Also classily winter-readied the studio windows with bubblewrap.
then we also winter-readied our cold wood-frame apartment by double bubble-wrapping
the windows. this really saves at least 10-15ºF of shivering cold air, at least.
prior to bubble-wrapping last winter, i couldn't bear to work in the studio.

drawing at my newly cleaned out desk.

Another Originals Sale

Last minute Holiday Sale : Small originals!
another small originals sale in the shop this saturday!

thanks to your gracious support and some surplus small originals
that couldn't quite fit in the shop last time around, there will be one more sale
of small drawings and paintings - around 7-8 new pieces...

Saturday, December 10th, 2011
2pm EST (US)
(check your local time HERE)

peeks :
One more drawing before calling it a night.
More drawings coming soon...
One of the drawings on cardboard in progress

+ FREE SHIPPING within US on all originals, small or large.

+ HOLIDAY ORDERS should be put in by Wednesday Dec. 14th to ensure timely arrival
for the holidays - International holiday orders should be by this Wed. Dec. 7th!


studio sale!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Small originals sale @ 2pm EST tomorrow! >_<
(you can check your corresponding local time here)

Enter HAPPYHAPPY at checkout for Free Shipping offer
on orders of 4 or more prints/originals!


some peeks of what's in store (literally) for tomorrow :

Some pieces for the studio sale on Friday @ shop.stellaimhultberg.com
Left over Ema art
Another.Drawing is soothing.Drawing on midtone is so addictive.
Drawing drawing...
Drawing from October that didn't make the cut to the show.
Drawing in delirium (from last month)

i also have some more drawings that couldn't fit in my shop for now,
which i will put up for sale some time next week or weekend.
so please stay tuned!