East West Connect

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. 18" x 24".  Acrylic & Colored Pencils on Panel. ©2011.
If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. 18"x24". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood. ©2011.

above is my piece for the Arrested Motion-curated group show, East West Connect,
which opens this Friday, November 25th at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong.
there are 13 artists working in the US showing in this group show.

check out the great line up on their flyer here :


Opens Nov 25, 6-10pm
31 Eastern Street
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

here are some detailed views of the piece (since it's kind of large-ish) :

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. Detail 1. © 2011.

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. Detail 2. © 2011.

If I Could Hide In Your Dreams. Detail 3. © 2011.

i'm so excited - this is my first piece to be shown in asia, and in Hong Kong, no less!!
HK being one of my old home towns and one of my favorite places in the world.
and i'm also really glad to see Arrested Motion grow and grow into one of the best art
blogs out there. thanks again, Tanley & Hung-hei!

please please go check it out this friday if you're in Hong Kong!
i wish i could be there just to see Akino Kondoh's work in person.
(and if you're not in HK, please stop by my web shop for the small originals sale!)

more info here at Above Second.
coverage here & here.

some progress shots :

Another beginning.
Working upside down... Trying to fight the tedium.
Finally done & framed! (for @arrestedmotion's Hong Kong show)

Studio Sale & Holiday Special!

studio sale!

i don't know where the time has gone but the holiday season is upon us already.
with that in mind, i will be having a Studio Originals Sale again of some small originals that
have been left around the studio throughout this year.

like last year, it will be on "Black Friday", and for sale will be about 10-12 of small original
drawings, studies, and paintings that have been left over from the year 2011.

although, this time, instead of etsy, it will be in my new shop site.

2pm eastern US time, Friday, November 25th, 2011

please look under the "SMALL ORIGINALS" section that will be on the right
menu on my shop page by friday.

feel free to let me know of any questions!


some shop notes :


FREE SHIPPING for all orders with 4 or more prints and/or originals!
please insert the code "HAPPYHAPPY"at checkout.
(offer is valid from NOW until MIDNIGHT on Nov 30th/Dec 1st)

ALSO, for both prints and originals, please make sure to place your order by
December 14th at the latest for a timely holiday shipping.
due to the post office's holiday bottlenecking tradition, orders received after
that date aren't guaranteed to arrive in time for the holidays.

Silly Oldies

while looking through some old shop files to reference for my new shop,
i found some diary doodles from 2004-05, which is around when i first
started drawing for fun aside from working as a freelance toy designer,
& also when i launched my first site, momomoogie.com.

these were short-lived, maybe only 4-5 months, and the diaries soon turned into
a daily food blog, which i later moved to my current food blog.

most of the diary drawings were small emoticon-like characters like above,
or about food like below :

and some about machinery mishaps with computer, printer,
and sewing machine... :

so weird & kind of fun to see old diaries.

i remember i had some weird character comics (momo, the peach girl &
moogie, her smartass kitty) and pdf print-outs you could color or make into
paper dolls. i guess i really was a toy designer back then!


{ Scan of the page courtesy of Audrey }

Our opening night of In the Wake of Dreams at Thinkspaces Gallery in October
(with Amy, Mari, Audrey and me) was featured in the POP LIFE section in the
December issue of Juxtapoz!

I love the photo of the cute lady covering up her face, mimicking my painting.
Thankfully my mug is only visible in one group shot.

Also, I forgot to post that I did a short interview called Back Talk on their online
site last month as well :

click here to read the interview (and see the images).

In the Wake of Dreams : new works

Opening night of 'In the Wake of Dreams' - Oct. 8th, 2011
{ photo via Thinkspace Gallery }

i'm so behind on blogging lately, so apologies first.

the opening night of our group show, In the Wake of Dreams, with Mari Inukai, Audrey Kawasaki, and Amy Sol
took place a couple weeks ago, at Thinkspace Gallery, in Culver City, CA.

+ view all the pieces from each artist is here.
+ see all the opening night photos here on their flickr page!

the show closes this saturday, the 29th, so please hurry to see it if you want!


and my new works for the show.... :

{ paintings }

In Epiphany. 20" x 24". Acrylic & Crayon on Canvas.
In Epiphany. 20" x 24". Acrylic & Crayon on Canvas. © 2011.

Sleep to Dream. 18" x 24". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.
Sleep to Dream. 18" x 24". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.

Like A Restless Wind. 14" x 18". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.
Like A Restless Wind. 14" x 18". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.

Dreamer. 16" x 12". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Panel.
Dreamer. 16" x 12". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Panel.

A Perfect World. 11" x 14". Acrylic Wash & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.
A Perfect World. 11" x 14". Acrylic Wash & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.

Pale September. 11" x 14". Acrylic Wash & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.
Pale September. 11" x 14". Acrylic Wash & Colored Pencil on Panel. © 2011.

{ drawings }

Untitled 1. 12" x 9". Graphite & Colored Pencil on Paper. © 2011.
Untitled 1. 12" x 9". Graphite & Colored Pencil on Paper. © 2011.

Untitled 2. 12" x 9". Graphite & Colored Pencil on Paper. © 2011.
Untitled 2. 12" x 9". Graphite & Colored Pencil on Paper. © 2011.


{ print set }
Print sets available (from Audrey, Amy, Mari & me) online now! http://www.thinkspacegallery.com/prints_dreams.php

we also released a set of limited edition prints for the show, and i believe there are a dozen or so left now.

more info on the prints here!


it was such fun show - i love showing with the girls, and hope we can do it another time again.
thanks everyone for coming to the show and special thanks to the buyers as well.
see you next year, LA!

In the Wake of Dreams

sorry i've been m.i.a for a while for many reasons but mostly because my computer
broke and had to switch to a new one, without smooth transitioning... T__T

all that aside, i'll be in a 4-girl show this Saturday in Los Angeles (Culver City), this weekend,
which i'm super excited about!


In the Wake of Dreams

at Thinkspace Gallery (now in Culver City - they moved from Silver Lake)

Opening Reception : Saturday, October 8th, 5-9PM
6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232 (gmap)

+ the digital preview for the show will be ready this Thursday afternoon.
please send a mail to contact@thinkspacegallery.com if you would like to receive the preview.

+ there will also be a limited edition print set release with a print from each of us at the opening.
please contact the gallery for info as well.


the four of us met back in 2007 in Portland, OR, where we all had flown in
to be in a group show, Four Dreams, curated by the lovely Monica Choy (now Salazar),
at Compound Gallery, and this will be kind of our reunion show!


here are some sneak peeks for the show on the gallery flickr page.
and my peeks here below :

This Saturday! Come to Thinkspace!This piece will be made into limited edition prints at the opening.
Another slow day. 
Almost done...

Mo' patternsPatterns.

you can see more images of my works in progress here
but i'm afraid some of them are not included in this show.

Bad Luck Club : group show in NYC

Bad Luck Club, a group show of 13 Brooklyn female artists that happened
in Monterey, CA area this past July, has traveled back to NYC!

unfortunately, i missed the opening due to workload for another upcoming show
this weekend as well as having missed the chance to post about this before hand.
but the show runs till the end of the month, and i have a piece in it.

Bad Luck Club

September 30 – October 30th 201

Opening Reception

September 30th 6-9PM

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York

you can view my piece here, only Reverie is exhibited at the NY show
please contact the gallery for any inquiries!

recent group shows

For A While. 4.25" x 6.25". Ink, Graphite, Watercolor & Colored Pencil on Tea-stained Paper. © 2011
For a While. 4.25" x 6.25". Ink, Graphite, Watercolor & Colored Pencil on Tea-stained Paper. © 2011.

i've got a couple drawings out there in a couple of shows that i'm a little late on posting about,
due to not having a computer ready at hand at the time... (sorry about that!)

above piece is from my show in London back in march and i sent it in to Get the Lead Out III
at Echo Echo Gallery in Seattle, curated by Ally.

the show opened on September 9th, but i believe there are pieces still available and you could buy
or view them on the website here.


(photo by ana bagayan)

also i've donated a drawing above (which i, unfortunately, forgot to scan before sending out), to Ana Bagayan's Lunch Bunch fundraiser - Ana, with her friend Meredith, runs Lunch Bunch operation, in which they make lunches for the homeless in LA every week - EVERY WEEK!

they held a cash-and-carry art show on September 3rd, but my piece didn't get there in tim.
but they'll be holding online auctions, and i'll be posting the link soon as well.
please stay tuned and help a good cause get better!

Made in Polaroid 50|50|50

sorry for a belated post (since the show is well over now), but i've been without my computer
for the month so far, and just got back on a new one last night - which happened to be the night
of the Made in Polaroid show's party & auction (and the last night of the show) at Phillips de Pury
gallery here in NYC.

50+ artists were invited to participate in the show - Polaroid generously sent all of us their new
G10 printer & 100 ZINK paper (no ink!) to make artwork out of.
most of the proceeds go to Free Arts NYC, a great art charity for NYC children (where i almost
volunteered, until i found a more local after school program where i used to help out).

Lucid Dreaming I & II. polaroid zink paper, mounted on masonite. © 2011.

above is my piece for the show - a diptych of 3-dimensional diamond shaped multiples,
composed of my instagram photos (and some old pre-instagram ones).
i did think about mosaicking my painting or drawings instead of photos of my daily life,
but i opted for the instagram photos instead - i thought it fit the idea of polaroid a little better.

i love paper art and it was fun making some origamic sculpture with each corner meaning something
to me - with pieces of my memories and life coming together.

there were some familiar names in the show.
my favorite piece below is by one of my favorite artists, Kent Williams, with photos of his son, Ian :

Kent Williams. Ian @ 15 Sleeping. ©2011.

i love that it wasn't a painting yet i could tell right away it was KW.
and you can feel the warm, loving eye through which a parent sees his child.

there were some people i never thought i'd be rostered with in a show together.
like the actor viggo mortensen, james franco, and of course, lady gaga the creative director
of Polaroid Grey Label.

below is the artists page on polaroid, where i'm on the same pages as tyra banks and mr. mortensen.

as for the opening (or closing, more like) reception, i was alerted ahead of time
that there will be a "red carpet" event for an hour or so,
so i arrived a little late intentionally so i wouldn't have to feel mortified.

but then when i got there, i had to go through the "red carpet" area
(though it was more black than red) and the photo wall anyway....
with photographers shouting here! here!
oh my. >_<

and look what i (we all) saw! so sheer! with a zipper in his 'crack'!

i'm glad i still went though (on a bike no less - it was hard trying not to get sweaty),
i had more fun than i expected to.

many many thanks to those who bid on my piece (and other pieces too)
and helped raise money for some good cause!

see all artworks here on the online catalog.

my first long bike tour

Day 1 of bike tour : bike pile up before leaving!

my friends and i set off for a 2-week long bike tour up north east through New England a couple weeks ago.
it was hands down one of the BEST real vacations i've ever had.
oddly enough, despite constantly moving and visiting a new place each day & night,
it felt insanely short compared to the amount of mileage we covered (400+ miles),
especially if i think about a week or 2-week long trips i'd had to one or two cities.

some photos that have been instagrammed along the way :

Picking raspberries along the rail trail. Day 1.
Day 1 : raspberry picking along the rail trail in NY.

Where we stayed on night 1, Ossining, NY.
Day 1 : first night of warmshowers.

Day 2 : our host in Norwalk took us sailing in the Long Island Sound.
Day 2 : sweet julia looking super cute on the sail boat our host, Bob, took us out on! (Norwalk, CT)

Day 4 : Penny farthing sighting in New Haven.
Day 4 : non-antique, real-working penny farthings in New Haven, CT

Day 5 : mini break at Sleeping Giant park.
Day 5 : Sleeping Giant Park trail break, en route to Middletown, CT from New Haven.

Beautiful house we stayed on night 5, South Glastonbury, CT
Day 5 : beautiful place we stayed in South Glastonbury, CT.

Day 6 : Beaver dam sighting on airline trail, en route from Willimantic to Eastford, CT
Day 6 : beaver dam sighting along the airline trail, en route to Eastford, CT from Willimantic.

Night 6 hosts in Eastford, CT let us dip into their pool!
Day 6 ended with a heavenly dip into a pool at our host's place in Eastford, CT!

Day 7 : nice hilly ride through Woodstock, CT, by the pink house.
Day 7 : pink sighting - Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT

Day 7: hilltop break, Woodstock, CT
Day 7 : taking a break at Woodstock Academy, Woodstock, CT.

Night 7 : we were hosted by a small dairy goat farmers! Manchaug village, Sutton, MA
Day 7 : greeted by our host of the night, Denny, the dairy goat farmer in Manchaug Village, Sutton, MA!

Day 8 : passing by the walden pond!
Day 8 : Walden Pond!

Day 8 : beautiful scenery past the walden pond, Concord - Bedford MA
Day 8 : Passing through Andrew Wyeth-y fields alongside a trail, between Concord - Bedford, MA

Day 10 : rural New Hampshire scenery.
Day 10 : New Hampshire country farmland.

Day 10 : rural New Hampshire scenery.
Day 10 : New Hampshire country farmland (there was a goat in there somewhere).

Day 10 : sweetest dog in he world, in Exeter, NH
Day 10 : we stayed with a friend of Kristina's (one of our tourers), who had the best dog in the world. Exeter, NH.

Day 11 : hot ride into Portsmouth.
Day 11 : Stopping by Newmarket, NH, then riding into Portsmouth, NH.

Day 11 : en route to Portsmouth - field of alfalfa
Day 11 : field of alfalfa, en route to Portsmouth, NH.

Day 11 : quaintness along the way to Portsmouth, NH
Day 11 : quaint new england farm, en route to Portsmouth.

Day 11 : wandering in Portsmouth - Herakut sighting.
Day 11 : spent the dog day afternoon in unbearable heat walking around (!!) Portsmouth,
where we encountered a few Herakut murals.

Day 11 : walking around in deadly heat over to Peirce (not misspelled) Island I. Portsmouth.
Day 11 : walking in 100ºF weather, the waterfront didn't make any difference.

Day 11 : walking over to Peirce Island in insane 100 deg heat.
Day 11 : walking over the bridge to Peirce Island, Portsmouth. my brain was melted at this point.

Day 12 : stopping by Fort MacClary en route to York Beach, ME. Intolerably hot. (110 deg heat index)
Day 12 : made it to the beach! York Beach, ME
Day 12 : unfortunately, the heat index was at 110ºF, our plan to ride to Portland, ME had to be folded - but we rode up to York, ME, where we got to dip our feet into the frigid ocean. it was so hot that our host, Jeff, who rode with us nearly passed out from heat stroke!


i had to jump back into work right after getting back, which was so weird after
being on a bike for 30-40 miles a day (which isn't much but it was everyday).
coming back to a 105ºF city wasn't fun either.

it was really amazing to meet all these different people living different lives,
not even that far from us. and their kindness and generosities!!!
that was the most amazing thing i took from the trip...
(also thank you so much, julia, kristina & angie (& matthew) who made this trip so great!)

although i did miss drawing and painting a lot, i'm still having a hard time getting back
to the swing of things since the tour - but i'd gladly jump on my bike again for any tour
from now on. (also highly recommended for anyone contemplating or hesitating).

now if i could train our cats to clean the litter and fix their food themselves...

+ some of the food consumed is documented here!

Bad Luck Club : 13 Female Artists from Brooklyn

my friend & amazing artist, Aya, has curated a group show of 13 artist girls from Brooklyn,
titled Bad Luck Club, at The Alternative Cafe Gallery in Seaside, California, near the Monterey Bay.
(please check out Aya & Fumiha's amazing & colorful show there last year here!)

the opening reception is this Friday, July 8th, so if you're around Monterey,
or feel like a nice long drive down there, please go check it out!

+ please contact the gallery for purchase inquiry or to be put on the list!
(their phone number & address are in the flyer image above)

+ you can now preview all artworks on the gallery website!


Below are my pieces for the show :

Reverie. 10"x14". Mixed Media (Graphite, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic) on Tea-stained Paper. © 2011
Reverie. 10"x14". Mixed Media (Graphite, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic) on Tea-stained Paper. © 2011

detail view :
Reverie. Detail. © 2011.


I'm Yours, You're Mine. 11"x15". Mixed Media (Graphite, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic) on Paper.  © 2011
I'm Yours, You're Mine. 11"x15". Mixed Media (Graphite, Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic) on Paper. © 2011

detail views :
I'm Yours, You're Mine. Detail. © 2011.

I'm Yours, You're Mine. Detail. © 2011.

5 Year Gala Show at Corey Helford Gallery

Because. 16" x 12". Mixed Media (Acrylic, Graphite, Colored Pencils & Crayon) on Wood. © 2011.
Because. 16" x 12". Mixed Media (Acrylic, Graphite, Colored Pencils & Crayon) on Wood. © 2011.

above is my contribution to the group show that's opening tomorrow to celebrate
the 5 Year Anniversary of Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA!

Zero to Sixty : 5 Year Anniversary Gala Group Show
Opening Reception Friday, July 1st, 7-10pm
8522 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

+ please contact the gallery for a preview list/info/purchase!
(sorry, the piece has been sold)

+ also please check out this small preview (also a teaser here)that Arrested Motion did for the show!

here's a detail view of my piece :

Because. Detail.

and the framed view (filtered on instagram) :

Framed & instagrammed. (for Corey Helford Gallery's 5 year show this Friday)


instagrammed peeks for some pieces for a couple upcoming group shows :

A whole lotta hair.
the above piece will go to the 5 Year Gala Group Show, Zero to Sixty, at Corey Helford Gallery,
opening July 1st.

Two faced
and the two paper pieces above will be in a group show at The Alternative Cafe Gallery in Monterey, CA, entitled Bad Luck Club - my friend Aya put this show together (yet again!)
with 13 girl artists from Brooklyn, hence the title.

ahhh only if i could just magically coat all my works with the earlybird filter (instagram).

full details and images to come!

Works in Progress...

{ WARNING : photo / instagram filter overload }

some sketchbook pages :
Flower head.
Garden sketching.

some hairy drawings on paper :
Drawing on used scrap packing paper.
More drawing on brown paper...
More brown drawing
Brown paper addiction

and some paintings in the works on canvas & wood :
Almost done (from a few photos ago)
Paint paint.
Color explosion
Pile o' works in progress in the studio

a lot of things going on this month, so i've been working a lot,
although many of the pieces in progress (some even documented) have been brewing
for months in different stages, stalled, painted over, restarted, mulled.

some faint, near transparent new shapes & ideas seem to be slowly forming in my head,
i just need to find that thin, cloudy thread and start pulling at it...


also some follow up to the Dear Japan show last weekend :

Dear Japan charity art show, June 4th, NYC (http://dearjapanny.wordpress.com)
turn out looked great and the show was successful!
they raised over $10k with art all less than $200.

some of my favorite pieces from what were still there when i got there :

Beautiful plastic bottle sculpture by Miwa Koizumi at Dear Japan show (http://dearjapanny.wordpress.con)
Miwa Koizumi (one of the show organizers)'s amazing PET plastic bottle sculpture.
i've seen her works at her place before, but this was amazing.

Amazing mini felt & peanut bunny by Kazuki Guzman at Dear Japan show (http://dearjapanny.wordpress.com)
and a new artist i found via this show - Kazuki Guzman, who made these tiny little sculpture
figures with needled felt and nut shells. there was another one i failed to photograph other
than this little peanut shell bunny, which was a walnut shell airplane dude.
so cute & amazing!

Dear Japan

Hope. Wish. 4"x6". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood (Ema plaque). © 2011.
Hope. 3.75" x 5.5". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood (Ema plaque). © 2011.

my friends aya, fumiha & miwa put together a wonderful group show, Dear Japan,
for this Saturday, June 4th!

June 4th, 2011, Saturday 4-8 PM
One night only
At Art Connect New York Gallery,
491 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10012

all art donated by artists & all proceeds go to japan for earthquake & tsunami relief funds.

it's a one day only event where all the artwork is under $200, and you can pay & take the artwork home when you leave!

you can view all artists' works & more info here on their site!

please check their facebook invitation page too.


i created the piece i'm donating above while creating this piece for another Japan relief fundraiser, as an ema.
ema, a prayer plaque for shinto shrines in japan, seemed like a perfect medium for the cause of the event.

if you're in NYC area this saturday, please stop by the gallery in Soho and support!
they will accept non-art-purchase donations as well as fundraising via merchandise sale on site.

My ema for Dear Japan (http://dearjapanny.wordpress.com)


some random recent photos from my instagram :

Magnolias in full bloom
spring is here (finally) in full-force, some days even feeling like summer.

Souther's show at Jonathan Levine.
souther's show opening night.

Left over Ema art
Carvings in progress
left over ema art (which will eventually go to raise more $ for japan).

Chair hog.
chair hogging studiomate.

Sketching at the coffee house.
More sketching (in a new sketchbook)
a couple sketchbook pages from the other day.
{ some super overdue sketchbook pages to come soon! }

a few photos from our bike tour around staten island :

Pretty patterned pebble tiles at Chinese Scholar Garden, Snug Harbor, Staten Is.
beautiful pebbled/tiled flooring at the chinese scholar's garden, snug harbor.

Boat graveyard in Staten Island
Boat graveyard in Staten Island
rossvile boatyard (boat graveyard, to be accurate), near fresh kills, appropriately.

Artist Help Japan : Ema Auction

the amazing christina conway (who organized & curated the kokeshi shows)
yet again organized something truly great - an auction to raise money for
Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund - Give2Asia.

artists were asked to create an ema, small wooden plaques for prayer and wish
often seen hanging in japanese shinto shrines.

100% of Proceeds to Benefit Give2Asia Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 Fund

Please keep in mind that this is a Charity Auction and not just an art sale. It's not about getting a "steal".
It's about contributing to an important cause and getting a "Thank You" in return with original art.
These are talented artists that donated 100% of their time, creativity and proceeds for help with the recovery of Japan
due to the recent Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Reactor Emergencies.
Please bid generously and avoid "sniping". MANY MANY THANKS!
Sincerely, Christina Conway/Curator

+ more info on the auction here & here
+ see all on-going auctions here
+ and my piece for auction here!

below is my piece :

Wish. 4"x6". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood (Ema plaque). © 2011.

Wish (Detail 1). 4"x6". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood (Ema plaque). © 2011.

Wish (Detail 2). 4"x6". Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Wood (Ema plaque). © 2011.

please bid (there are many other artists and beautiful pieces if you don't like mine) & help raise
money for a very good, necessary cause!

thank you so much, christina, for putting this together,
and many thanks to all the bidders!!
♥ ♥ ♥

LAX/PDX Group Show at Together Gallery Tomorrow

New piece. Almost done.
LAX/PDX, a group show curated by Thinkspace Gallery, opens tomorrow at Together Gallery
in portland - a great little gallery in Alberta district, owned by a wonderful artist, Timothy Karpinski.
(i was fortunate to come across it on my last visit a couple years ago)

above is a detailed glam shot (looks better like that through a filter) of my piece for the show.

Together Gallery
2916 NE Alberta St. Suite A
Portland OR 97211
Opens March 31st 6-11pm
(runs till April 24th)
please email { tim at togethergallery.com } for purchase/inquiry.

+ online preview of works is here.


below is the full piece i sent in for the show :
Tonight. 9.5" x 13". Mixed Media (Graphite, Acrylic, Ink, Colored-pencil, Pastel) on Tea-stained paper. © 2011.
Tonight. 9.5" x 13". Mixed Media (Graphite, Acrylic, Ink, Colored-pencil, Pastel) on Tea-stained paper. © 2011.