Brush pen hair.
In the mood for drawing tonight... On scrap cardboard...
how i've been relaxing lately, now that i've wrapped up my year officially.
first, doodling & drawing...

Making plastic tiles to use around the gross edges of my nonworking fireplace.
And the said tiles finally installed around the fireplace.
then making some plastic tiles to put around the edge of my fireplace* opening.
(ahhh much better.)

* i've been asked if the plastic won't fume or burn, i must note that it's a
NON-WORKING fireplace - it WILL fume & burn if it worked.

Moonlight 3rd mvt. You're killing me.
also, occasionally (and masochistically) trying to get my own butt kicked on the piano.
listen to it the most ideal way possible here.
(which i do and feel worse sometimes)