Made in Polaroid 50|50|50

sorry for a belated post (since the show is well over now), but i've been without my computer
for the month so far, and just got back on a new one last night - which happened to be the night
of the Made in Polaroid show's party & auction (and the last night of the show) at Phillips de Pury
gallery here in NYC.

50+ artists were invited to participate in the show - Polaroid generously sent all of us their new
G10 printer & 100 ZINK paper (no ink!) to make artwork out of.
most of the proceeds go to Free Arts NYC, a great art charity for NYC children (where i almost
volunteered, until i found a more local after school program where i used to help out).

Lucid Dreaming I & II. polaroid zink paper, mounted on masonite. © 2011.

above is my piece for the show - a diptych of 3-dimensional diamond shaped multiples,
composed of my instagram photos (and some old pre-instagram ones).
i did think about mosaicking my painting or drawings instead of photos of my daily life,
but i opted for the instagram photos instead - i thought it fit the idea of polaroid a little better.

i love paper art and it was fun making some origamic sculpture with each corner meaning something
to me - with pieces of my memories and life coming together.

there were some familiar names in the show.
my favorite piece below is by one of my favorite artists, Kent Williams, with photos of his son, Ian :

Kent Williams. Ian @ 15 Sleeping. ©2011.

i love that it wasn't a painting yet i could tell right away it was KW.
and you can feel the warm, loving eye through which a parent sees his child.

there were some people i never thought i'd be rostered with in a show together.
like the actor viggo mortensen, james franco, and of course, lady gaga the creative director
of Polaroid Grey Label.

below is the artists page on polaroid, where i'm on the same pages as tyra banks and mr. mortensen.

as for the opening (or closing, more like) reception, i was alerted ahead of time
that there will be a "red carpet" event for an hour or so,
so i arrived a little late intentionally so i wouldn't have to feel mortified.

but then when i got there, i had to go through the "red carpet" area
(though it was more black than red) and the photo wall anyway....
with photographers shouting here! here!
oh my. >_<

and look what i (we all) saw! so sheer! with a zipper in his 'crack'!

i'm glad i still went though (on a bike no less - it was hard trying not to get sweaty),
i had more fun than i expected to.

many many thanks to those who bid on my piece (and other pieces too)
and helped raise money for some good cause!

see all artworks here on the online catalog.