Works in Progress...

{ WARNING : photo / instagram filter overload }

some sketchbook pages :
Flower head.
Garden sketching.

some hairy drawings on paper :
Drawing on used scrap packing paper.
More drawing on brown paper...
More brown drawing
Brown paper addiction

and some paintings in the works on canvas & wood :
Almost done (from a few photos ago)
Paint paint.
Color explosion
Pile o' works in progress in the studio

a lot of things going on this month, so i've been working a lot,
although many of the pieces in progress (some even documented) have been brewing
for months in different stages, stalled, painted over, restarted, mulled.

some faint, near transparent new shapes & ideas seem to be slowly forming in my head,
i just need to find that thin, cloudy thread and start pulling at it...


also some follow up to the Dear Japan show last weekend :

Dear Japan charity art show, June 4th, NYC (
turn out looked great and the show was successful!
they raised over $10k with art all less than $200.

some of my favorite pieces from what were still there when i got there :

Beautiful plastic bottle sculpture by Miwa Koizumi at Dear Japan show (http://dearjapanny.wordpress.con)
Miwa Koizumi (one of the show organizers)'s amazing PET plastic bottle sculpture.
i've seen her works at her place before, but this was amazing.

Amazing mini felt & peanut bunny by Kazuki Guzman at Dear Japan show (
and a new artist i found via this show - Kazuki Guzman, who made these tiny little sculpture
figures with needled felt and nut shells. there was another one i failed to photograph other
than this little peanut shell bunny, which was a walnut shell airplane dude.
so cute & amazing!