i just recently saw this image a few times (last time here),
credited to my name... i have no idea who created this.
but, unfortunately, that piece above is NOT mine.

that image up there is a copy of this piece of mine below :
Je Te Veux. 6"x8". Mixed Media on tea-stained paper. © 2008.
Je Te Veux. 6" x8". Mixed Media on tea-stained paper. © 2008.

i am not sure why, or what i want to accomplish through this,
but i felt the need to clarify.

- found the source of the top image (thanks to a reader on facebook!) which hails from here.
- although it doesn't make me super comfortable to have works copied to a tee,
mostly i'm just flattered, it's not meant for any commercial gain except for just study and appreciation! i only wanted the right credit to go to the correct artwork.
so, thank you, beatyourgreens!