Shop : Shipping / Layout Details

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when shop opens at 2pm this Friday, the shipping/checking out may be a bit
confusing so i wanted to give a heads-up beforehand.

first, all limited edition prints will be on this one page, where you can scroll down
and shop in one fell swoop without clicking through the pages.

and the shipping for the orders are set up as "add to cart" type buttons at the top of the page,
one shipping button for framed prints and another for prints ordered without frames.
edit : the button is now combined into one, hopefully it's not too confusing!!
which means, the shipping won't be automatically calculated at checkout,
but rather, you'll have to choose and add one to cart that suits your order.
no other shipping cost will be charged at checkout.

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the reason why i opted this route, instead of a more streamlined checkout, is because paypal cart
wasn't accommodating (not to me anyway!) in customization in configuring all the variables
on different framing & shipping options - at least, it was impossible for me to figure out with my limited knowledge.

i'm really sorry if this came out to be super confusing.
i've been chipping away at this for days racking my brain to figure out,
and definitely tried to streamline it the best i knew how.
next time i'll be getting some help, for sure!

please let me know if you have any questions.


(dang, this sure was an ugly looking post for sure - missing the days of the sketchbook posts. >_< )