clay faces

been doing some sculptural works as i'd been meaning to do for ages...
above are some of the results of my first figure/face-making with clay.
i've carved many a urethane foam blocks as an industrial design student,
but i'm a stranger to clay - but i'm totally head-over-heels in love with it,
so i'll be making more sculptural things, at least for myself, if not to show.

there's a whole different kind of "live-ness" when something in your mind
actualizes in a spatial setting. so exciting!

+ these are more specifically for an upcoming show, "We Heart Wood" at Munky King in LA,
entailing artist-customized jibibuts, made by the artist duo noferin.

more info on the show here.

other random things...

my friends and i rode our bikes up to Nyack, NY through NJ.
except that because of the fallen tree limbs (below) in the Palisades Interstate Park in Fort Lee, NJ, we could hardly make any miles, as we had to lunge under and over with our bikes on our shoulders about 40 times to make it through to 9W.
instead we opted for a big diner lunch in Tenafly, NJ,
and made our trip back to the city.

and a shot of our cats sleeping in their favorite ghetto bed :