Ursula von Rydingsvard

{ all images via ursulavonrydinsvard.net }

i've got sculpture on my mind lately.
i discovered Ursula von Rydingsvard a while ago while watching the PBS art:21.

while i normally don't gravitate toward abstract sculpture,
something about her work that moved me.
maybe the restrained expressiveness and emotions that seep out of the roughness
of the wood (= something inanimate, though once living - as trees)... or the heightened volume of those expressed voices henceforth because they were basically
a pile of 4x4s with raw edges of circular saw blade still unrefined,
which together made such organic, beautiful shapes.

there were something i found beautifully contradictory and paradoxical that eventually seems to add up and come around full circle in her sculptures - something (the 4x4's of wood) that seems so rigid, tough and unnatural (usually in construction context) yet that actually used to be/is still 100% organic matter, which is yet agian re-formed and re-shaped into something organic.
now i'm starting to have circular sentences.


also, watching art:21 in general (or just reading about a lot of
artists i love and admire) makes me realize what a distracted person i am.
the focus of energy and ideas and the concentration of creativity really burst out
onto what these artists make. that's probably why most people i admire usually have some insatiable appetite for creating and the drive and passion for it that nears desperation & hunger - albeit unbalanced or unhealthy sometimes.
sometimes... 나도 미치고싶다!