last day, last snow of 2009

it snowed this morning, for the last time this year.
hope you all have a wonderful last day of 2009,
whether you are out celebrating or spending a quiet time at home.
i'm doing a little but of both!

i'm so thankful for all the love and support this year (every year!),
i am grateful every single day.
i moved my blog from my older one for a fresh start at the beginning of this year,
and i do feel like it did shift my mindset as well.

i'll definitely try to share more process photos
and sketchbook pages (i have tons of!) in the new year,
as i hope to experiment for a month or two.

2009 was kind of a great, yet very tough year for us.
hopefully the new year will bring all of you lots of happiness
and great memorable things.

thank you so much for reading,
and see you in 2010!
xo stella