it's been a bloody week...

it's been about 10 days now since i had my bloody spill off my bike.
(yes that's my blood from my head on my bag).

i hurt my head and lost memory of that part of my life (initially a lot more),
but according to some witnesses, some pedestrian abruptly stepped out
into the bike lane on prince street in manhattan.

what a weird experience being at the hospital (even the trauma icu,
neck braces, cat scans), weirder because i don't recall most of the experience.

luckily i have most of my memory and brain power back,
and i am never leaving the house without my helmet anymore!
memory is such an odd thing. i never imagined being close to losing it.

this is the remnant of what took some of my memories away :

i still have a bump on my head, a bad scrape on my shoulder,
huge purple/green bruises all over my legs, and have trouble sleeping
on the side i have the head bump, but all in all, i feel lucky to
have come out relatively unscathed.

so these are some pictures from labor day,
which was my first bike ride since the accident...

crossword puzzles to help me get smarter.

biked down to the waterfront park.

and saw the hasidic jewish men boarding a boat on newtown creek!

ok enough rambling.
i've been pitifully convalescing all last week & weekend,
so hopefully some belated drawings will be posted sometime soon... ish.