ink + wood

last night's damage :
working on drawings and experimenting with paper...

paintings are shipped off to be framed, and now,
i'm just wrapping it all up for the upcoming show.

i can't believe i actually have nearly 2 weeks before the show.
that had never happened yet, i shamefully admit. -_-;;;


also, i photographed this wooden sculpt practice thing
i made last may :

it's originally a handle of sort that matthew purchased
for me along with a bag full of other wood things at a closing down
wood store on st. marks a while back.
it came painted in glossy black like that, which inspired me
to sculpt the leaf pattern to start off.

what you see up there is where i stopped to wait for my dremel
to arrive - but i guess i got tired of it even after the dremel tool
arrived, so i ended up leaving it there like that for the past 8 months.
i'd gotten sore fingers and blisters from sculpting it,
the thing is obviously not meant to be sculpted.

but i hope to get some more practice at sculpting this year.
this was my first real sculpture attempt that isn't model-making...
my first wood sculpt practice! i'll probably try more with clay,
and some more wood later...

3-dimensional/spatial art is so exciting!