Interview with Jinyoung Yu... 유진영.

i just made the long overdue post about the amazing korean sculptor, Jin-young Yu.
(i love her blog title : 억지 웃음, 가짜 설렘, 가식적 표정.)

i also helped Arrested Motion interview (& translate) her works.
(read the interview here)

here are my favorite shots... all the mess before the refinement:

just about when i got complacent about painting...
interviewing her and getting to know her "world" really was epiphanic.
for example, she did all that full-scale sculptural works in that tiny room above.
it's not her 'studio'. it's her sacrificed bedroom in her parents' house. O_O
and here i thought i'd need more space to make measly flat paintings!!

to be honest, i feel like i unknowingly treated my works as a "job".
maybe my last vestige from my efficiency-driven product designer days.
art does have a business side that can make you a little calculative.
i'm glad i caught myself before i got that bug.

i think i can let loose and be a little more free now.
and explore all possibilities without worrying.