** i warn that this is an unusually long post.
something's gotten into me lately. -_-

(my work environment circa 2005-2006)

this is mostly for my own record, since i'm not sure
if anyone would be interested to know...
browsing through my iphoto last night, i thought maybe i'd document
evolution of my studio space.

matthew and i used to both live and work in a tiny 350 sq.ft. apartment,
where you can see my work space of about 3ft x 2ft area (top above).
the bottom photo shows how i used to sketch, on the floor.

then i moved to a 2x larger apartment here in brooklyn,
where i had a whole dining nook for a nice studio area...
which used to look so empty and desolate in the beginning :

(last photo being the current setup).

i can't believe how i used to work in my tiny, old work area.
it seems that i've changed the layout of my new studio around
about 4-5 times... -_-;;

then i saw some older works i've done, as experiments and process,
which also evolved over time, if not jumped around :

first real painting attempt (study). done on the floor crouched, too. (2005)

study on found wood - charcoal and gesso. (2005)

my first piece done only in oil paint. (2006)

some painted eggs i did in 2006.

and these, i don't think i've never shown before.
some vinyl dolls for girl i'd designed when i worked as a toy designer :

they were designed in... 2002-2003, i believe.
all parts (heads, hair, top bodies, shoes, clothes, legs) are interchangeable.
basically knock-off pinky dolls.
i used to have to do a lot of knock-offs, it can't be good for your soul...

it's amazing how different life seems only a few years ago sometimes.
i wanted to remind myself of that.