almost done...

finally got outside for a cup of coffee this evening
after several days spent as a hermit wrapping up paintings.

almost ready to ship out the paintings to be framed in seattle,
(after hurdling the scanning process on my new scanner!)
and working on some more drawings for the show.

+ + +

sometimes finishing off paintings is kind of hard.
i don't really want it to stop, but want to finish them too...
then i always feel like there's something more to be done to them.
maybe because i paint a bunch concurrently and feel so much intensity,
i feel a bit of an emptiness or something along the line
after they've left my hands.

i work this way most of the time to keep all pieces on the same page in my mind.
so none of them look too off to me when i send them off together to a show.
i guess i'm a bit afraid i'd lose interest in the older works if they'd been
sitting around for some time.

this year, i'm going to experiment with painting a piece or two at a time,
at a more leisurely pace... and enjoy pacing them out.
with some other works like drawing and sculpting in between.
hopefully it'll make this blog a little more enjoyable too. ^_^