went to see the Outsiders show (by Lazarides gallery) on bowery.
they had some great pieces by some of my favorite artists.
my battery ran out so i only took a few,
so i snagged a few photos on the net.

the pics i snapped of david choe's works, which i'm a huge fan of.
some more favorites i didn't get here (from the net:

(this one above from choe's blog)

some antony micallef, whom i've also posted before:

and ian francis' work :

i was really impressed with dave choe's works once again,
as well as antony micallef's works as well.
it's always the spontaneity and the gutsy, seeminly-carefree strokes
of their works that really have me hypnotized.

+photos of some of the show pieces from the worlds best ever.
+more photos by wallkandy's flickr here.