marlene dumas

marlene dumas' ink drawings.
so emotionally charged in a rather succinct form of expression.

Drawings are only a few lines on paper.
Therefore it's easy to carry around in plastic bags.
Drawings are cheaper than paintings.
They don't pretend they'll last forever.
Drawings are streetwise and still to be found in toilets, too.

and some paintings...

I paint because I am a woman.
(It's a logical necessity.)
If painting is female and insanity is a female malady,
then all women painters are mad and all male painters are women.
I paint because I am an artificial blonde woman.
(Brunettes have no excuse.)
If all good painting is about color
then bad painting is about having the wrong color.
But bad things can be good excuses.
As Sharon Stone said, "Being blonde is a great excuse.
When you're having a bad day you can say, I can't help it,
I'm just feeling very blonde today."

I paint because I am a country girl.
(Clever, talented big-city girls don't paint.)
I grew up on a wine farm in Southern Africa.
When I was a child I drew bikini girls for male guests on the back of their cigarette packs.
Now I am a mother and I live in another place that
reminds me a lot of a farm - Amsterdam.
(It's a good place for painters.)
Come to think about it, I'm still busy with those types of images and imagination.
I paint because I am a religious woman.
(I believe in eternity.)
Painting doesn't freeze time.
It circulates and recycles time like a wheel that turns.
Those who were first might well be last.
Painting is a very slow art.
It doesn't travel with the speed of light.
That's why dead painters shine so bright.
It's okay to be the second sex.
It's okay to be second best.
Painting is not a progressive activity.

-marlene dumas-


i feel more and more drawn to expressionistic works
this past year or so... maybe to the honest stream of consciousness?
i think i feel the need/yearn for a change...
i want to be set free out of my mental cage.

her works are on display at the MOCA in LA now,
and also will be coming to the MOMA in nyc this winter...